Day 147: The weekend that wouldn’t end

Such a fun weekend! In fact it was so fun that I don’t want it to end. Thus I am slowly posting so I can savor the days all over again.

So on this dreary and sleepy Tuesday, let’s go back to Sunday.


After a late Saturday night, I took full advantage of sleeping all morning. I have a rule of sleeping 7-9 hours every night so late nights = late mornings. I can live with that. I fixed myself a tasty egg breakfast and settled into a 45-minute flow yoga class on my laptop. Yoga is my favorite way to detox, stretch, and relieve headaches after late nights out. It definitely did the trick.

At about 3, I met up with Caroline (again!) at the Vinoy pool for some R+R.

The sun was out in full force and so were the tanned Memorial Day vacationers. The air was heavy and humid from Hurricane Beryl off the coast which was a little uncomfortable. Fortunately my mom’s wide brimmed hat kept the sun off my skin.

Only an hour later I left the pool and a sleeping Caroline to meet up with Peter’s friends over at St. Pete Beach. What I hoped would be a fun afternoon frolicking in the sand and surf turned out to be an afternoon, evening, and night full of bar hopping. Apparently people are into day drinking at the beach? Weird.

First up was the roof patio at The Hurricane in Pass-a-Grille. Sticking to sips of light (gross) beer purely for hydration, I enjoyed the sun and hot breeze while watching beach goers and playing movie games with the boys.

We ended up playing different movie games all night. One person names a movie. The next person names an actor in that movie. Then the next person names another movie that actor was in. And so on and so forth. Things get interesting when you challenge the previous player to answer for you. Sometimes they name an obscure movie or actor and struggle responding to their own question. If you lose a round you drink! I dominated the chick flick genre. Obviously.

After The Hurricane we hit up The Sloppy Pelican, shared Peter stories (haha!), and left shortly once the performer with pink hair, sandals, and shirt started singing depressing 90’s tunes. West invited us to his new place in Madeira Beach where we ended up staying for several hours. He is an incredible bartender and mixologist (so fancy) and made some amazing cocktails. One was a citrus champagne spritzer with a lemon rim and the other was a cucumber and apple whiskey martini. Both were absolutely delicious and served in mason jars. How cool is that? It’s amazing to actually enjoy a good cocktail created with such knowledge and care. Life changing.

Many hours later we we met up with more friends at another bar, danced silly to a Jersey-Shore-esque DJ, and dug our toes in the sand. OK maybe it was just me dancing silly and digging my toes in the sand. It was fun.

Finally we called it a night and I drove the boys home on one condition. That we stop at…

Taco Bus! Taco Bus is a food truck parked permanently on a lot in St. Pete and serves amazing Mexican food. I had never been before and figured 1am on a fairly empty stomach would be a perfect time to try it out. I ordered the pork quesadilla which was crazy delicious without even that much cheese. I need to visit Taco Bus again during the day. Let’s just say it’s a little difficult to digest while sleeping. Meh.

It was a looong day but so much fun. I forget how much fun it is to just spend time with other people and enjoy their company. Peter’s friends are my friends now and it makes me happy. And Peter is home is less than a month!!! Hallelujah. These last few months have been tough.

May May go away… Come again another day…

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