Day 194: She’s Back in the Atmosphere

Friday afternoon I got a call from my sweet cousin, Jordan, who was stranded in Tampa after a cancelled flight. She asked if she could stay at our house till tomorrow. I said of course!!

Jordan is at the Naval Academy and is basically the coolest girl ever. She came to Florida with her parents and 3 siblings for our Fourth of July shenanigans.

My parents and sister already had tickets to the Rays vs. Red Sox game so of course we had to go. Jordan and I scored some sweet nosebleed seats in the tip top corner of the stadium. It was actually kind of awesome.

Here we are looking happy despite the annoying Boston fans surrounding us. Also we are really first cousins. I am not joking. Our dads are brothers and her mom is half Vietnamese and Mexican. I just say she is blessedly tan. Why did I get the Irish gene?

We enjoyed the view from above for an absurd number of innings then ventured down to the lower section to sit with my friend Julie and her friend from Gainesville. We got yelled at by a lady but eventually found some open seats. So sneaky.

Three and half never-ending hours later with bellies full of fried chicken and ice cream, it was time to see Train!!!

The Rays have a great summer concert series with some serious bands performing after certain weekend games. Friday night was Train!! In the past I have seen MC Hammer and Sly & the Family Stone after a Rays game. As much as I love MC Hammer…. Train was the bomb. As in.. “you can’t touch it”.

Except for the line.

We were corralled up 4 levels of a circular walkway just to walk all the way down 10 minutes later. Annoying.

But that was ok. We got on the field! And then Train started performing. And they were absolutely incredible.

Let’s just say, top 10 concert in my book. And I kind of hate concerts. They are hot and smelly and you have to stand forever. Train made it worthwhile. And Patrick Monahan’s voice… just flawless. He sounds just as amazing live.

Girls on the field:

Most ridiculous part was during the song “Marry Me”. Couples started draping themselves over each other while lonely ladies with boyfriends in China hugged themselves and cried. Maybe. But in the middle of the song Patrick asked some couple to come onstage. Can you guess why? Obviously people did not have the slightest clue. Then the guy said something to his girl like “Well, it’s been 6 years. I thought might as well…”

Seriously dude?? That is what you say in probably the most awesomest of awesome proposals in the history of the world? “Well baby, I guess it’s time. And you better say yes since Train is singing you the sweetest song in front of this entire stadium.”

She said yes.

Thank god the world’s best proposal idea ever overshadowed her fiancees bumbling speech. Jeez dude. Let’s get serious.

Train performed other hits like “Drops of Jupiter”, “Hey, Soul Sister”, “Calling All Angels” (my  jam), and “Meet Virginia”. I screamed every word to every song. It was a total early 2000’s fest. Like a dream.

I’m so happy I got to hang out with my cousin Jordan. There is nothing better than family.

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