Day 219: Always Home

Come on.


I leave in 5 weeks and this is what you give me?


Ok Florida. Seriously.

I get it.

I’ll miss you.

You are beautiful and warm.

You will be my home forever.

I’ll see you soon.


I couldn’t stay away if I tried.

Daily Workout 

This perfect scene awaited me after another great strength session in Best Body Bootcamp. This week we are changing up the tempo of the lifts to a 3/1/1 tempo. So 3 counts on the eccentric movement, 1 count on the isometric movement, and 1 count on the concentric movement.

Imagine slowly lowering yourself into a pushup position, holding it at the bottom, then pushing up. HARD. VERY HARD.

I love the challenge.

Tuesday’s workout focused on push movements such as dumbbell chest presses, front squats, and shoulder presses. Today my abs were surprisingly sore. Ok yes my shoulders and arms are crazy sore but I never directly worked my abs. I think slowly lowering into front squats really engaged my abs. Helloooo obliques. Nice to see ya.

Let’s see what’s sore tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Day 219: Always Home

  1. Yep! You guessed right. A lot more work in the core in the front squats and in the slower movements overall as you control your body momentum. And that picture is so pretty. I wouldn’t want to leave it either!

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