Day 227: Shopping and Soul Food

No great photo of the day for Wednesday so I’ll keep this short.

Wednesday morning we lazed around all morning then headed into Highlands for some shopping.

At least once a year my mom forces me to go shopping and I stock up on a whole new wardrobe. Annoying but necessary since I hate spending money on clothes. Shopping alone usually leaves me empty handed.

Clothing is one of those obnoxious necessities of life that I both love and hate. I love wearing comfortable and simple  clothes. I love to look good and enhance my features. What girl doesn’t?

I just wish this fashion ignorant girl had a pre-stocked closet. Enter my mom. She is a fashion guru who has this weird sense of finding clothes that look absolutely terrible on the hangar but amazing on you. It’s genius. I need to convince her to move to China and be my personal stylist.

After 2 hours prancing around the store in clothing glee, we finally walked out with some great finds! I finally have more than one pair of pants! Success!

Oh and a nice and comfy sweater. Love!!

This sure would look good with spandex… wait what??

After the shopping trip, we lazed around on the porch in the sun then got ready for a quick family hike.

We went back to Glen Falls and took the steps down to the big waterfall.

The waterfall was spectacular although the steps back to the top were not. After 3 solid days of hiking, I was so sore and exhausted. It shows that hiking is a great workout!

Only 30 minutes we headed back to get ready for a dinner in Cashiers with friends. We ate at Happ’s Place which serves amazing southern/soul food. I stuffed myself with almond crusted trout, fried pickles, fried okra, pickled beets, blackberry cobbler, and buttermilk pie.

OMG. Soul food is incredible.

Does anyone know any good healthy (or not) soul food cookbooks? Why not eat southern food when in the south right?

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