Day 271: Friday scenes and things



Ready for the cruise. Brain is turning off.

Let’s go. Some Friday scenes and things…

Bike party at the subway station.

City beautification in preparation for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Can this stay year-round??

Cruise check list fueled by a green tea latte. With soy milk of course. So delicious.


Drumroll please…

A delicious dinner made with the rice cooker!

If you’re curious, egg fried brown rice with sesame oil and dried seaweed. It tasted so good and I was so proud.

Rice cookers are really as good as their made out to be.

Next up? Brown rice cooked in coconut milk. Do you have any add-in suggestions?

Right now I’m tuning in to the IIN Live Conference. It is so inspiring and gets me so excited about health coaching. Unfortunately the conference runs from 10pm to 4am Shanghai time both tonight and tomorrow night.

Yeah not happening. I’ll try to stay awake as long as I can tonight and hope that the a recording is posted.

After the cruise I need to get my butt into gear and focus on developing my health coaching and personal training practice. OH and catch up on all my classes!

But for now I will relax and enjoy the sea breeze. Cannot wait.


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