Day 273: Beautiful and Toxic

You know vacation is over when…

You wake up to the sound of firecrackers outside your window on a Monday morning. 

When this happens you can also be certain that you are indeed, back in China. But there are definitely things to celebrate on this Monday morning. Like for instance:

1. Post-vacation tan (a darker shade of pale)

2. Standing on solid ground (although it still feels like the ground is shifting beneath my feet)

2. Returning to a normal sleep/eat/work schedule (blessed sleep)

3. Cutting back on 6-course cruise meals (but 3 course meals are ok)

4. Focus on healing my digestive distress (it has not been pretty)

5. Joining a gym (finally!!!!!)

6. Editing pictures!

One week on a boat, 5 days in Japan, and 800 pictures later, I am preparing for a vacation recap blogging extravaganza. Are you excited? (or scared?)

I will be posting last week’s photos of the day separately from more general recap posts. Lots of photographs. Lots of fun. I hope you enjoy. First up, a photo of the day!

Day 273, Sunday September 30th

Last Sunday we boarded the cruise ship and embarked for Japan in late afternoon. As the ship chugged by the port of Shanghai, the sun began to set, illuminating the industrial haze in a warm glow. Beautiful and toxic, light and dark, the city slipped into the murky sea as we sailed on and beyond.

Goodbye Shanghai.

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