Day 282: My Health Coaching Journey- Halfway Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed my life in China update. Taking an unexpected week off blogging has been both good and bad.

Bad because blogging gives me a chance to reflect on my experiences and helps me move forward with purpose. Good because it forced me to focus on building my business and connecting with people. It also gave me more time to sleep! All this extra exercise has left me EXHAUSTED.

Whew. Back to Photo of the Day!

Tuesday, October 9th

This Tuesday was an absolutely gorgeous day in Shanghai. Because of the week long holiday, the city was relatively smog free and the sun was shining! Gotta love those sunny days in China. They don’t happen too often!

Peter took me to a new place for lunch called Wontons. You can probably guess what we ate ;-). The food was presented beautifully and I really enjoyed my shrimp and pork wontons. There were also bits of egg, seaweed, and corn in the pot with a sweet bean dessert on the side. Delicious!

My Health Coaching Journey- Halfway Thoughts

This evening I had my monthly call with my lovely Health Coach. And guess what, I am halfway through my program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition!

These first 6 months have flown by so quickly and my life has already changed for the better. With this program and the guidance of my own health coach, I am taking the steps to follow my passions. I am finally living the life I always imagined for myself.

I am healthier, happier, and finally ready to help people discover their own happy, healthy self. What we all need is just a little guidance and accountability, which is exactly what a Health Coach provides! Well, along with some special knowledge of food and the body of course. We are your partners in health!

While moving to China has been difficult, the change of scenery has been very motivating. Since I’ve had to start from scratch, it has been easy to incorporate all that I have learned at IIN. So far the food has been the tough part!  However, everything else is falling into place and I am excited to see what the next 6 months hold in store for me.

This is only the beginning.

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