Day 289: Bring It Back

Tuesday, October 16th

China has some interesting architecture. Of course Shanghai has its share of ritzy modern architecture with plenty of bright lights. But then there are the older concrete buildings that can be either depressing or surprisingly beautiful. This my favorite stretch of apartment buildings in Shanghai. They are old, pink, and textured.

Love it and the metal clotheslines. I passed this on my walk to meet the editor of the AWCS magazine for coffee. And guess what! I am going to start writing for the magazine!!! This is totally awesome. It is a little scary to actually publish my writing beyond this blog and in an actual magazine but why not!

I will be writing a fitness column and a Shanghai experience column starting with the December/January issue. Both articles have been written already so I’ll make sure to post them on the blog at some point. Woohoo!

After coffee I headed to my first netball practice of the year. My friend Lisa started a netball team with the other teachers at her international school and she invited me to join. We practice once a week and have a game coming up. If you don’t know, netball is like basketball for girls. But don’t let that fool you. It’s hard! And a lot of fun.

This was the week when things started to get crazy and exhausting.

Time to bring back that intensity.

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