Day 291: Tetris and Long Fingers

Thursday, October 18th

Sorry for the weird title. I swear it is relevant to the two pictures from this day.

First, a typical scene in China:

It is amazing the amount of stuff people can stack on these motorbikes. It’s like a real life version of Tetris. Also, please note that at this time in October it was still at least 80 degrees during the day. People were already wearing pants, sweaters, and jackets. I was sweating my face off.

Second, the condition of my cut the day after the coconut incident:

You can see the cut is fairly long and jagged (well for a finger), but very clean. Unfortunately the top of my finger above the cut is now numb. Maybe it will be numb forever. Good thing my fingers are insanely long and the numbness only applies to a small portion.

As for my long fingers, I wish I learned how to play and instrument and put these things to good use. Now all they are good for are typing elaborately on computer keyboards and gripping pullup bars/barbells. Oh and scaring small children. And men.

My life is so hard.


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