Day 309: Loafers and a Deadlift PR

Monday, November 5th 

You know it’s fall when closed toes shoes come out of the closet. As a Florida girl, my heart will always lie with my beloved sandals. However, when I found this pair of brown loafers in North Carolina I was actually excited to hide my oddly long toes in these cute shoes.

It only took till November for the weather to become chilly enough to bust these babies out. I love them even more than boots which often hurt my feet. They are also really fun to wear with knit socks. I told you I was a fashion connoisseur right? Hey winter weather calls for layers of cozy knits that make you look like an adorable homeless person. Yep, that’s me.

Major Deadlift PR 

To make my day even better, today’s WOD included my favorite lift. Deadlifts!! I was a happy camper. I was so happy that I worked my way up to 2 sets of 2 deadlifts with 85kg. Especially when I learned that 85kg is 187 pounds!! Holy crap!! That’s almost 30 pounds heavier than me! What a huge PR for me! To give you some perspective, my former record was 100 pounds. Uh, HELLO.

Lifting weights in kilograms instead of pounds really changes your perspective! I have no concept of the conversion of pounds to kilograms so I automatically think I am lifting less weight than I really am. Lifting heavy is often mental and I love that the weights in the rest of the world are in kilograms. I am busting my personal lifting records left and right. What an amazing feeling! Thank you America for having a different measuring system than the rest of the planet.


Pull Ups (jumping overhand)

Overbox Jumps (big box)

30,20,10, 5

1 Rope Climb after each set (1 regular rope, 2 knotted rope)

Today’s WOD totally killed my forearms. I mean 65 pull ups and 3 rope climbs?? No wonder. Also I really need to work on my rope climbing technique. I struggle with using my feet and legs to secure the rope so the brunt of the work goes to my arms. Add in my fear of heights and suddenly weak arms and being 10 feet in the air is a terrifying combination.

I really enjoyed switching up box jumps to jumping over the box. Unfortunately it started aggravating my foot. Wah… I will get it checked out when I go home. Injuries are the worst.

Deadlift PRs are the best 🙂

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