Day 315 and 316: Back at Crossfit

Omg I just drank water from the tap and didn’t die! Life in America is so… safe. Except when my mother takes me out for an unexpected 6 hour shopping marathon. Nobody is safe then. Especially my wallet.

Sunday, November 11th

Drinking an Americano at my favorite cafe in Shanghai. ET Cafe in Xuhui.


Monday, November 12th 

After a week of rest for my foot injury, it felt so good to be back at Crossfit. We started with a shoulder endurance test by holding a kettlebell over our heads for as long as possible. Using a 12kg kettlebell, I ended up holding it for 3:45 minutes and was the last (wo)man standing!! Apparently I love these little endurance tests and can easily push myself to win every time. It all comes down to mental strength and good form.


We then transitioned to the strength portion with 5 sets of 5 shoulder presses. I used a 30kg barbell which was tough, especially after holding a kettlebell over my head for almost 4 minutes. My deloids were wiped! I kind of liked it.

And then the WOD:



Sandbag Run

9 Push Press (30kg)

12 Pull Up (kipping)

15 Sit Up


The real WOD called for a sandbag run but instead I opted for 50 air squats to save my foot from extra aggravation. It was a good call except all those air squats killed my quads. I used 30kg (66 lbs.) for the push press which is a move to bring the barbell overhead with power from your hips. They are fun!

Best of all, I did all 48 pull ups as kipping pull ups! It took me much longer but I still completed the WOD in 19.19. Not too shabby for my first day back! I was so happy to be working out again and feeling that burn in my muscles.

It is the best feeling in the world.

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