Day 317 and 318: Bench Press PR and Beautiful Pollution

Tuesday, November 13th 

It was another strength day in Crossfit! I love those days.

We did 4 sets of 2 bench presses and honestly, I was nervous. My arms are definitely the weakest part of my body and I knew I had lost a lot of strength. However I wanted to keep up with Kitt, the strongest and fastest girl in our group.


After several warm-up rounds with a light weight we started loading weight on the bar. Eventually Kitt and I worked our way up to 50kg! That is about 110 pounds! Definitely a PR for me. I needed help from a spotter to make it all the way up so next time I will stay at 45kg. It felt so good to lift so much weight. It is still strange to lift so heavy for so few reps because I can’t feel the burn in my muscles, even though I lift to failure. I guess I’m more of a lighter weight/higher reps girl.


Then it was time for the WOD! Of course push ups were on the list. It always a good idea to do pushups after benching 110 pounds right??


15 BB Thrusters (25kg)

30 Push Ups (knees)

80m Farmers Walk (20kg kettlebells)


I felt slow and sluggish and only managed a time of 15.44. The push ups were literally impossible for me to do on my toes so I did them on my knees. My quads were still sore from yesterday’s squats and were further killed with the barbell thrusters. Yeah, thrusters suck. They also made me realize I need to work on my clean form. It was a challenge to lift the 25kg barbell to my shoulders! But the Farmers Walk was fun because it’s all about grip strength. You know I love my grip strength.

Wednesday, November 14th

Wednesday it was nice to have a day off Crossfit so I could focus on getting some work done. It ended up being a beautiful day with a great sunset. Shanghai sunsets tend to glow because of all the haze.


Sometimes pollution is beautiful.

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