Day 353: Published

Thank you everybody for your kind words and comments on yesterday’s post. I had no intention of writing it but somehow the words just flowed out of me. Actually most of my writing happens like that. It is all a happy accident. If I feel it, I write it.

In a way that relates to how I feel about fitness. If we focus how exercise makes us feel, then the physical changes will follow.

Like I always say, our perspective changes everything.

Wednesday, December 19th

Speaking of writing… I was published!

Dec:Jan Spirit Cover

That would be Spirit, the American Women’s Club of Shanghai Member magazine.

That is my photo on the cover!!

Spirit Team

When I first arrived in Shanghai I went to an AWCS meeting to make some contacts and join the group. I met the editor of their member magazine and told her that I would love to be involved. Well by next week we were outlining my, not one, but two columns!

Focus on Fitness is a a fitness column (obviously) where I explore a group class or fitness trend each month and write about it. By this time I had already started Crossfit at Iron Dragon Crossfit and was dying to write about it. Let’s Talk Crossfit was born. Look how beautiful the page looks!

Let's Talk Crossfit page

My name sandwiched between the words “Crossfit” and “lifting junkie”, a dream come true:

Crossfit page

The editor also signed me up to write a monthly Expat Chat column about my experiences in Shanghai. I knew that would be easy and fun. I could go on for days about the many quirks of China. Thus, Confessions of a Wandering Expat was born.

My first article was a revelation I had about why I felt so immediately comfortable in Shanghai. I will definitely share it on this blog. It’s good stuff.

Confessions page

To say I am proud is an understatement. This is the first time I have ever been published in something unrelated to a college course. I don’t really consider myself a writer, especially not a good or professional writer. I write for myself. Publishing my writing for other people to read is somewhat terrifying. What if they hate it?? What if I suck?? What if I have terrible grammar? Gah!

But I am glad I just sucked it up and did it. Hopefully people will learn something. I know I have.

I will be posting these articles on the blog soon. Stay tuned!

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