Bad news.

I broke my laptop.

Well that is an exaggeration. My lovely little Macbook Pro is not physically broken, it just gets stuck on the loading page. And it refuses to actually load. It started this weekend after my poor (stupid) attempt to create more space on my startup disk by deleting files. Well obviously some of those files were crucial to the basic functioning of my laptop because immediately afterwards it refused to start. And I am an idiot.

This means I cannot do anything… no work, no photography editing, and no Internet surfing at home. The worst part is definitely my inability to work. My laptop is my lifeline and my only tool required for my remote digital marketing position. It’s hard to do digital marketing without, you know, a digital device.

Right now I am awkwardly typing this on my iPad (which by the way, has a cracked screen from when I dropped it last month) and trying to enjoy typing with two fingers ( I don’t). I have a tendency to break, drop, and spill things and this extends to expensive electronics. In addition to dropping my iPad, last year I dropped my brand new (expensive) Nikon DSLR camera and broke the top of the flash device.

I told you. Terrible luck.

The good news is that I have been expecting the worst when it comes to my precious laptop and have been consistently backing up my files.

All my files are safe!!! Woohoo!

Yesterday I dropped off my baby at Switch, an Apple products repair store, where they will run a few tests to see what is wrong. In two days they will let me know what needs to be done which will most likely include a complete disk reboot. Hopefully I will get back my baby back at the end of this week. Until then, there will be little done on the blogging front. Seriously, typing on this IPad is a pain.

You will just have to wait for my awesome pictures from Kuala Lumpur and the Batu Caves!

Wish me luck…

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