Cambodia through Instagram

Hi guys, I’m back!

Actually, I have been back in Penang since Saturday but am only getting around to posting today. Last night I dropped Carina off at the airport and am so sad and lonely now that she is gone. After spending 24/7 together for 21 days in a row, being on my own again is bizarre and disorienting. It feels like I am missing a body part or something. Maybe I am just missing part of my heart :-(.

Friends goofing off in Cambodia

It was absolutely wonderful traveling with Carina but now it is back to life as usual here in Penang. The good news is that I fly home in 3 weeks! Hooray!! USA! Dear lord, I miss America. I have yet to purchase a return ticket but am planning on staying for a least a month. Or maybe longer… Who knows? Perhaps I will stay until my parents kick me out ;-).

Now I am sure you want to hear all about our travels around South East Asia. Let me tell you, we had a great time galavanting around Cambodia and Thailand but it was HARD. We had several mishaps, falls, bruises and breakdowns but ended up having the time of our lives. I would do it again in a heartbeat… just give me some time to recuperate! Collectively, we took about 1,600 pictures and I cannot wait to share highlights of our trip here on Kirsten Captures.

For now I will share some Instagram shots from each location. First up, Siem Reap!

Reflections of Angkor Wat
Entrance to Angkor Wat
Smiling while withering in the heat
Shadow play in the ruins
One of many long hallways
Resting at the top of Baphuon in Angkor Thom
Trying to escape the heat in yet another stone hallway
Straight chillin’
Legends of the Hidden Temple anyone?
Carina cooling off with fresh coconut juice
Our disgusting dirt stained legs after a day at the temples
Traditional Khmer dance show during a crazy dinner buffet
Beautiful stone carvings at Angkor Wat
Peeking around yet another awesome stone hallway
Hey what’s up?
Our second trip to Angkor Wat before sundown
One of many monk tourists
Getting all Asian with our umbrellas as sun shields
Just some Cambodian traffic
On the hunt for more ridiculous harem pants at the Old Market
Cambodian Batmobile!
Eating some burgers downtown
Getting a much needed fish pedicure at the Night Market
Squealing at the carnage going on below

Wow that is certainly a lot of Instagram pics from Cambodia! Yes the fish pedicure was absolutely insane and tickled like crazy. The fish in this tank were enormous and I could feel their sharp little teeth munching away at my nasty feet. It was weird.

Can you even imagine how many pictures I took on my real camera? Yikes!

Next I will share Instagram photos from Chiang Mai, our favorite destination of the trip. I hope you enjoy!

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