Endless Summer and Weekly Workouts

Hello! It only Tuesday and I am already exhausted! This weekend was full of fun nights out, beach days and laying out by the pool. It is still hot hot hot in Florida which basically means we celebrate endless summer.


But before I get to that, let’s talk workouts! Last week I stuck to a consistent schedule and dominated my workouts. Here’s what my workouts looked like last week and yesterday (9/30-10/7):

Monday- Rest Day

Tuesday- Sprints Outside (Had planned on a full-body workout but the gym was PACKED at 6PM. I was so mad that I started sprinting down the street! 2 all-out sprints later and I was a new woman :-))

Wednesday- 45 min. Biking Outside, Yoga

Thursday- Push Workout (Front squats with a 45lb. kettlebell were KILLER, in a good way)

Friday- Pull Workout (Challenging myself to deadlift more than 110lbs., it’s a mental thing right now)

Saturday- Rest Day (Does walking on the beach count?)

Sunday-  Orange Theory Class (Endurance-based workout which I OWNED. 26 minutes in orange zone, 6 minutes in red zone, 700 calories burned, felt like a badass)

Monday- 30 min. Steady State Biking, Pull-Up Progression Exercises (Scapular Pull-ups, Isometric Holds, Negatives, I am generally following this guideline)

I feel really good (except for my crazy sore armpits haha!) and have all this awesome energy. Recently, people have commented on my physique and say that I look very fit. This only solidifies how I feel both inside and out. Looking good is just a plus and I intend to stay focused on performance while eating well. Yes, I am eating a lot! Overall I feel so much stronger and energetic than I did in Malaysia and feel more like myself. I only hope to stay this consistent with workouts back in Shanghai!

Today I feel pretty depleted so it will most likely be a rest day. I guess it’s a date with Vampire Diaries Season 4! Obsessed. Now for pictures from the weekend!



My sister, her boyfriend and I attended a high school Homecoming Football game at our former middle school. Peter and I are still close friends with many of alumni and it was great to see them again. Although I attended high school somewhere else, it was cool to see how much the school has grown. Also, high school kids look like babies!

After feeling decidedly old, we went downtown for some First Friday action. We ate delicious bbq food, drank delicious beers and listened to live bluegrass down at the Ale and the Witch. It was a lot of fun hanging out with my sister and flexing our guns. I think I won…



With nothing on the agenda, I was surprised when Carina called and said she was headed to Clearwater Beach… now! I quickly gathered my beach gear and drove 45 minutes north to meet her and her friend from Orlando. It was a perfect day with plenty of sunshine, cool ocean water and a nice breeze. I was so happy to see this lovely lady!

IMG_4119 IMG_4166

After swimming, sunbathing and strolling along the beach, we were hungry for some food! Frenchy’s is the best seafood spot in Clearwater Beach and was the obvious place to go. We enjoyed conch fritters, fish tacos, grouper sandwiches and ice cold beer at this amazing beachside restaurant. I loooveee Frenchy’s.


After dinner, Carina and her friend left to get a head start on their 2 hour drive back to Orlando. I decided to stay and watch the sunset. I ended up chatting with this Haitian guy flying a kite. This was no ordinary kite which screamed through the air and tumbled through quick twists and turns. It definitely added some “oomph” to the sunset.


I love impromptu beach days with friends. Thanks for the surprise Carina!



Upon waking, I booked it to Orange Theory class and kicked some serious butt. My face was bright red but I was smiling! The workout wiped me out so I spent the afternoon lounging by pool after coaching a client over the phone. There is really nothing better than alternating soaking in a hot tub and a cold pool after a tough workout.

If you didn’t see before, I am deep into Season 4 of the Vampire Diaries which basically takes up my free time. Can’t stop wont stop. Just like summer in Florida.

It is an endless summer and I am enjoying it to the fullest. When’s the next surprise beach day? 

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