New Years Eve in Florida

Happy New Year!

This lucky girl rang in 2014 at home with some of her favorite people in the world. Although my last few new years were celebrated in more exciting places like Italy and Savannah, I felt so blessed to be home with my best friend and husband-to-be (!!). 

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The last few days of 2013 were especially relaxing and fun. Carina drove in from Orlando on Sunday and we immediately met Peter and our middle school classmates at Cantina for an informal reunion. Our friend Chris was performing so a huge group of people came out to support him. He ended up inviting me up to sing a couple songs with him which was incredibly nerve-wracking and thrilling. Everybody was so surprised! He recorded us singing “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Hey Ya” and I can’t wait to get the tracks!

For the next few days Carina, Peter, and I watched a lot of movies (including Bridesmaids!) and went to Busch Gardens for some roller coaster fun. By New Years Eve we were ready to celebrate! First, we stopped at my girlfriend’s house and then drove out to the beach. Our friend’s parents host a yearly party at their beach house and have a huge amateur firework display. It was dangerously close!


We hung out with our good friends drinking champagne and oohing and aahing at the fireworks exploding over our heads. It was a good time with some good people.


I always have fun with this girl. Even if she is sometimes bewildered by my antics.


This girl is a total sweetheart and a new friend that I am lucky to have.


But you can probably imagine who I kissed when the clock struck midnight.



Sorry Peter 🙂

Wishing you a blessed New Year!

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