Lazy afternoons at The Guinness Storehouse

After 6 glorious days exploring in and around Galway, it was time to leave our cozy condo in Salthill and drive to Dublin. Taylor and Stephen were headed back to Philadelphia while my parents and I were south-bound to a couple golf resorts. It was hard to leave this though….


However, after a couple hours drive to Dublin we were met with this view instead… Goodbye beach, hello beer!


Yes my friends, I finally made it to the Guinness Storehouse and was absolutely blown away. What an incredible place! Think Disney World meets science museum meets beer. The Storehouse is a multilevel interactive museum dedicated to the history and science of brewing Guinness. One floor even covers the incredible marketing strategy that made Guinness known and beloved around the world. And of course, there are several pubs inside where you can spend as much time drinking Guinness as you want.

Let’s take a tour shall we?

guinness2 guinness3 guinness4 guinness5 guinness6 guinness7 guinness8 guinness9 guinness10

As I’m sure you all know, at the end of tour you get a free Guinness! I mean, obviously. We grabbed our pints in the crowded top floor “Gravity Bar” which we immediately left for the less crowded pub one floor below. There we found a table in front of the stage where we stayed FOR 4 HOURS.

I am not even kidding. We kept the pints coming, ordered a few burgers, and enjoyed the incredible live music for hours on end. We stayed through three band changes and two bachelorette parties. It was a perfect afternoon and one of the best days of our trip. Give us good beer and good music and we are little Americans.

guinness12 guinness11

Eventually we had to leave the pub, mostly because the band started playing the same set again. When even the band has run out of fresh music it is probably time to go. Once we finally left the Guinness Storehouse, we checked into our hotel and walked to Farm, an incredible organic and free-range restaurant. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU ARE IN DUBLIN. It was time to say goodbye to Taylor and Stephen and head to the country!

Goodbye again Dublin, see you soon.

As I write this blog post, Peter is in Dublin for a business trip! Sending him positive vibes as he experiences this amazing city and incredible country.


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