2 thoughts on “diptychs

  1. Well I did enjoy these diptychs. Like we discussed in class I find something very soothing about all of these. The colors are very easy on the eyes and the shapes of them all are extremely pleasant feel to them. The backgrounds that were chosen also complemented the images well. Some said in class that they feel you thought of what you were going to scan while taking the photos. I don’t think that you did that at all i think that you saw what you had and made some amazing choices to complement those images. I think good work overall.

  2. As mentioned in class, you did take the most literal approach in the creating clear contrasts between the photo images and scanned images. However, that is not a bad thing. The pictures are very pleasing to the viewer and overall work nicely. While pushing the boundaries is often what artists strive for, creating clearer images is always visually pleasing

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