personal diptych critique

Like I stated in my last post, completing the diptychs was an extremely satisfying experience. It was a challenge for me to create a complimentary image to color pictures with objects on a scanner. Maybe I’m just not that creative. Ultimately, I enjoy capturing forms and objects that already exist in the world and revealing their beauty and intrigue by positioning myself and my camera in just that right way. Actually creating that object or image of interest on my own was difficult but a learning experience. I initially had each diptych on a colored background, but found that to be distracting and create a certain emotion not necessarily evoked from the images themselves. I decided to crop each diptych and allow the focus to be on the images themselves and their interaction.

All of my photographs and accompanying scans compliment each other in form and color, but not necessarily in idea or function. The fire extinguisher and red machinery are an obvious pair of red metal and hose. The jars of candy and circular containers is my least favorite of the bunch because of it’s dark composition. However, it has the most interesting comparison between the two images of aligned circles with colored objects inside. The flower diptych provides almost equal images, but is relatively unexciting overall and even too “pretty” or “cute”. The brilliant orange of the photograph could have been played upon more successfully. The final diptych, and my favorite, of the red circle in the brick wall and the light bulb is strong in texture and color opposition. All four diptychs are placed together very well, either mirroring the other like the two off-center circles or converging in opposition like the two flowers. Visual presentation is strong but the scans could have been played with more to create complimentary ideas instead of mere visual relativism.

My conclusion: I wish I was more creative with the scanner. Also, I love developed color slide film. The end.

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