Thoughts on Final Project

My initial idea for the final project was to create three panoramas of stitched together sky, houses, and ground landscapes. I enjoyed the panorama project and wanted to create something more traditional than a fictional mirage and something of the sky in all its bright glory. I was able to shoot on a very sunny day with excellent shadows. Putting the pictures together by hand for the panorama proved harder than previously assumed. Ultimately I decided on creating vertical triptychs with picture of a house flanked on the top by a picture of the sky, and by a picture of the ground on the bottom. I liked the idea of letting each triptych stand out individually. Each picture was 12 inches wide and about 9 inches tall, which made each picture individually important and the constructed landscape, larger than life. For the sky pictures, I stuck with a similar idea in my landscape project, with small hints of trees and birds poking into the blue expanse of the sky. For the ground, I choose pictures that had interesting shadows or random sidewalk texts.

In choosing the pictures for each triptych, I intentionally chose shots that people might assume to be of the same place. It was so interesting to see how literally people took the triptychs although they were very intentionally manipulated. I found this to be one of the more satisfying aspects of my project. I also content with the print quality and continuation of my color aesthetic and humor. This “joy of looking up” combines my humor and my attention to shadow contrasts and expressive colors.

Overall, I was extremely please with my final project and hope others enjoyed them as well.

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