Countdown: one week

So in exactly one week, I will be sitting on a plane about one hour away from touchdown in Copenhagen. I will probably be exhausted, hungry, nervous to the point of a stomach ache, and undeniably excited. Hopefully that last emotion will cancel out all the rest. Most of my other friends going abroad this semester have left already or are leaving this weekend. Somehow I’m stuck in this liminal period of waiting and over-thinking while sweltering in the Florida heat. For now, I’ve settled to considering abroad as a chance to redo and redeem freshman year and a life-changing experience. Good things right? Right.

Hopefully I will update this blog as much as possible, especially with photos. This will probably be more of photo blog. Yay photography.

This is an ode to my winter break in the “not so winter” weather of Florida. Goodbye Florida sunsets… well, goodbye sun.. Hello Denmark!

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