It takes getting lost to find your way

This week just keeps getting more and more interesting.

From getting lost en route to the train station, searching for authentic Danish smørrebrød, arriving to survival Danish an hour late after alarm failure, riding a bike home with about 50 pounds of books, failing to lock my awesome yellow bike, watching Obama’s inauguration with a multitude of Americans in a foreign country, to eating unidentifiable meat and paste… I’ve had a blast.

At first I didn’t believe the people at orientation who went on and on about the great stories from being lost and somehow finding their way. I was sure a freak-out would ensue on my part. However, yesterday night after leaving Megan’s sweet apartment about 2 minutes from DIS and confident in the direction I was headed, I found myself dreadfully lost. Unable to read the map and street signs of names that are ridiculously long and very similar to each other, I was confused. Instead of crying, calling Megan, freaking out, and hiding in a corner, I sauntered through the shopping district as the light slowly drained from the day, bustling like the Danes with confidence and ease through the streets. It was not terrifying at all.

I asked two very nice Danes how to find the Nørreport station, got vague directions, searched the map fruitlessly, and had a nice evening walk through the medieval quarter of Copenhagen. No fancy, thrilling story. But it made me realize how comfortable I feel here and how much I’ve matured in a way. I am so thrilled to be here, it is new and exciting, and friendly. And I can’t wait to explore and see what this city has to offer. And if I get lost again, so be it. I can handle it. After about an hour and finally heading down a street as instructed by a nice old man, I came upon the station and boarded the train that whisked me out of Copenhagen and into Herlev.

Today we had a scavenger hunt through the city and at the Black Diamond, Royal Palace, mall, Parliament, and other landmarks while finding many courtyards and interesting sites along the way. It was sunny, bright, and the first time we’d seen the sun since our arrival. The lighting was incredible, the walk long and satisfying. What a perfect day (besides my morning fiasco of missing half of survival to Danish, oops!). I took incredible pictures that definitely merited a blog posting. HOWEVER… I forget the cord to connected my Kodak camera to my computer at home. GAH! So distressing. At least I have the cord for my big Nikon. It takes better pictures but is a bit heavy. Oh well. I will take it along with me anyways. Who knows when the sun will be out again though… it’s supposed to be wintry mix tomorrow. Just like Maine! I miss you Maine. Sending you all my love.


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