Arrived! Happy and Exhausted.

I’m here! Currently sitting in my room at the Jeppesen’s house, thinking that this has been the longest day of my life. But so far so good. I already met some cool DIS people on the plane to Copenhagen and the hellish registration/check-in that lasted from 7am to noon. It was great to share our fears and concerns with each other, to realize that they are exactly the same. I have no doubt that I will make countless friends when I’m here, and be able to get out of my cozy home-stay lifestyle. Speaking of which, my host family is amazing. They are so nice and understanding, I feel at home here. It’s almost as though I’m not even in Europe right now.

I would love to go on and on about my first moments here in Denmark but honestly I’m too exhausted to think coherently enough to do so. Right now I need to get my butt out of my room and help the family cook. I think Nadja’s boyfriend is here. I don’t know if I can handle meeting more new people. Can I just sleep forever??

3 thoughts on “Arrived! Happy and Exhausted.

  1. Welcome to Denmark, Kirsten!!!!!!!!!!!!I just received a card I wrote you before break in my SU box because apparently you left before they delivered it!!! Oops. I’d love to send it to you anyway, so if you could send me your Denmark address whenever you catch up on sleep (or find out the address! haha) that would be awesome.I’m so glad you’re having fun so far and I hope things continue to be joyous and exciting!! I know they will. Post photos ASAP!!!Miss you! Be well!

  2. I emailed you my address, hopefully you can send it to me that way. Yay mail! And yes my family speaks English fluently except for one of the daughters who speaks a little broken English. They are awesome 🙂

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