First Real Weekend

Today I slept in after a relaxing night of watching the Denmark Eurovision song contest on TV with the family. Eurovision is this weird European thing where each country holds a live contest between 10 artists for the best song. The winner from each country will compete in Moscow for the #1 song in Europe. Cool idea, however all the songs were very generic and poppy, and overall awful. I guess a song doesn’t have to be a musical masterpiece to be popular, just catchy. Well, Danish singer Brinck won with the song “Believe Again”. We’ll see if he can win in all in Russia on May 16th. The day after my 21st birthday and day before I leave Denmark. What a celebration!

Last night I had previously planned to hang out with Megan and go to a concert, but opted out after my eventful Friday night. Friday, Megan got me an extra ticket from her History of Ballet class to see Romeo and Juliet by the Danish Royal Ballet at the Royal Theater. The ballet was interesting and unlike anything I’ve seen before. The choreography by Frederick Ashton, an American who studied in Copenhagen, was full of edgy trios and complicated partner lifts. The music was deliciously beautiful and quite a treat.

After the show and some glasses of white wine, Megan and I decided to brave the Copenhagen nightlife and follow many DIS students to the Viking Bar. After leaving the bar and failing to locate a dance club, we deemed the night over and ordered some deliciously greasy chicken pita something or other and headed back to her apartment. Due to my poor sleeping skills, I boarded the 8IN night bus towards Herlev. Things went downhill from there when I paid 70 Kr. instead of flashing my transportation pass and got off the bus one stop too late, failing to understand the bus driver’s quick announcement of the Danish city names. The bus sped away and I realized I hadn’t the faintest idea where I was in Herlev, and more importantly, where to locate the gas station next to my house. Let’s just say that after an hour of hysterical crying, things turned out OK thanks to Megan keeping me relatively calm on the phone and the semi-creepy drunk Danish boy who led me to the train station. I’m still a little traumatized and am even more opposed to taking advantage of the vibrant Copenhagen nightlife. I’ve had a rough start.

Next weekend is our short study tour to western Denmark so there’s not even an opportunity to go out. Thank goodness. I’m so excited for this trip. We leave Wednesday and the week will fly by. Then that will mean only 4 weeks until Alexi arrives. By the way, Happy 9 month Anniversary darling. It’s been one hell of a ride 🙂

One thought on “First Real Weekend

  1. aww sweetie, i’m so sorry you had such a traumatic experience. i guess it is hard when you live out of the city with a host family and have to go home on your own. that is why i am kind of glad i did not do the host family thing after all. then again i have met like no italians, so having a host family would have helped. anyway… don’t let this experience discourage you. you will know now for next time. live and learn, baby. also, you should come to rome and i will show you a good time in the ancient city. love.

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