Looking through the glass

My life is dominated by inside spaces… claustrophobic classrooms, literally large libraries, and transient trains. Why go outside in the freezing rain or biting sunlight when I can jump from place to place? In a city, the outdoors is only a backdrop to what hidden gems lie inside closed doors and dirty window panes, beckoning with OPEN signs. Suddenly time passes in a dizzying culmination of missed opportunities and uncertainty. The limited hours of daylight come and go as quickly as the landscape is thrown behind me on the fixed train tracks. It is hard to focus on where I am and what I am doing when my gaze is fixed beyond what contains me. Fixed towards an uncertain destination. The future doesn’t scare me. The forgotten present does. Why look ahead when that moment is bound to go by unnoticed? It’s time to take account of right now. I will actively experience Copenhagen, not panes of glass. Not anymore.

No planning.
Just being.
Oh, hello Denmark.

(photos from University library and Kobenhavn H main station)

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