It’s a hygge life

For the past two days, snow has steadily blanketed the city in a quiet white slumber. It’s the kind of snowfall that is calm and peaceful, definitely unlike the angry Nor’easters that attack Maine with forceful blizzards of stinging ice. The kind of snowfall you pray for in a country of freezing rain. After pulling a late night Sunday writing about the translatability of “hygge”, I returned home Monday for an afternoon nap. I happily awoke to the soft light reflecting off the snow and traveled back into the city through fluffy snow drifts, almost wiping out on my bicycle at one point. Some of my fellow Prague classmates and I enjoyed a “hygge” dinner at RizRaz with my Nordic Mythology professor (who we swear is a Viking himself). Seriously, so much hygge in my life it is ridiculous. A plentiful veggie buffet, beer, and ice cream pancakes kept us content and engaged in each others company for two-and-a-half hours and I went home ready to face another day.

Today was absolutely gorgeous, with clear blue skies and lingering light that each day is more reluctant to leave. One of those days when just being outside makes you smile and happy to be alive. I found myself smiling like this to myself on the train home, packed tight with the crowd on warm plastic benches in the 5 o’clock rush. People were looking up and gazing outside instead of sitting and staring down or straight ahead. Or maybe I’m just more optimistic and perceive people better when it’s so beautiful outside. Either way it was a wonderful Scandinavian day with good weather and good people (here’s to Tom and our croissant breakfast). And each new day is just going to get better and especially lighter! I love how today was mix between Florida and Maine, my two favorite places… a cold bright day plus an amazing sunset. What could be better? [maybe being in Florida or Maine but that will be ignored right now ;)]

Tomorrow I head to Malmo, Sweden with my GBS class to explore the city, listen to a lecture, and have dinner at our professor’s house. It’s going to be another amazing day. Bring it on Sweden!

2 thoughts on “It’s a hygge life

  1. I love hearing about all of your adventures, Kirsten!!!!! Someday will you take me on a tour!?Love the optimism and happiness and bizarre dutch words and photos and yay! Continue adventuring!!!!

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