I loved Sweden so much I fell off my bike

Wednesday my Gender, Body, and Sexuality class trekked to Malmö, Sweden for delicious pastries, gay marriage debates, and dinner at our professors house. Malmö looks so much like Copenhagen, it’s a little weird. The coolest part of the day was waiting for our delayed train at the station while cargo trains zipped by 5 feet from where we stood. For some reason I felt so empowered and free. The rest of my class was just scared. Haha. Here are pictures from downtown..

Thursday morning was a brilliant adventure getting to my 8:30AM Prague history class. I woke up, filled my new mug with hot coffee, and set off on my yellow bike at 7:45AM for the S-train station. It had snowed all night and was still snowing steadily. As I turned onto the main street with a car behind me, my bike skidded out of control in the powder and I completely wipe out onto my side. I get up unscathed, laughing in incredulity, with a wet butt and some sympathetic stares from witnesses in the car. The unspilled, piping hot coffee became a major source of happiness despite wet pants, delayed train, metro exit location failure, snow-in-the-eyes blindness, and zero shoe traction. I end up being a mere 15 minutes late to class after barging into the wrong classroom (realizing this after standing in the doorway for a long minute) and climbing a total of 5 flights of stairs.

So, two once in a lifetime opportunities achieved in two days: taking a trip to Sweden and embarrassing myself in a foreign country. Awesome!

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