Today was bright, sunny, and wonderful. Too bad it’s only Tuesday and not next Saturday. Because Alexi will be here! Yay! But the sun makes everything better. And hopefully will make time pass faster too.

My weekend was fun though, I attended two birthday parties with my family for some of their friends. I ate lots of good food, smiled politely among Danish conversation, and bonded with Nadja and Bella. Good times! Good hygge! At both parties, the Danish flag was EVERYWHERE. They had little Danish flags stuck all over the house and Danish flags on the tablecloth. In addition to the crazy nationalism, the adults at the party were extremely quiet and awkward at the dinners and the kids were the talkers (who knew what they were saying though). Very different from America I think. But 6 hours dinners are definitely the way to go and I really enjoyed myself.

Nadja leaves for Greece tomorrow and we just found out that she was accepted into the finals for a Top Model competition. Superstar! I have tomorrow off and might go explore around with Tom. We shall see. But it’ll be ok… as long as the sun is shining.

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