Missing in action!

So guess what?

I am in Vienna! Mom and I arrived today after an amazing time in Prague. But before that I was busying touring Prague and surrounding areas with my class after a blissful two weeks with Alexi in Copenhagen. I can’t even begin to retell the amazing events of the past 3 weeks. Also, I don’t have the time seeing as this internet place at the hotel closes in 3o minutes. But basically, after 3 days in Vienna, Mom and I are headed to Salzburg for great adventures including a Sound of Music tour and back to Prague next Thursday. Easter weekend is a Norway cruise with the Jeppesens.

I love Europe. I love traveling. I love getting lost in beautiful cities to only find myself in another exciting and new place. Walking down the street, sitting in the subway, I feel a weird kinship to the people as my Eastern European heritage flames alive. Czech, German, Slavic…. Czechoslovakia, Germany, World War II… this is my past that has defined my family and myself as an individual. Because without it, I wouldn’t exist.

So many pictures and stories to come. I miss everyone.

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