Lights of Tivoli

Last Friday night I went to Tivoli with the Jeppesen’s and Co. consisting of Lotte, Michael, Bella, Nadja, and the pseudo-children including, me, Christian, Morten, and the little boy next door. Tivoli is located in the center of Copenhagen and is an awesome mix of a fair and Disney World. Walt Disney was actually inspired by Tivoli. Friday night is concert night so the place was packed when we arrived at 9pm. Lotte got us all in for free and the rest of the night was a daze of lights, people, and ice cream.

Highlights of the evening included eating a huuuuge and delicious ice cream cone, jumping on an inflatable cushion, and watching a great rock concert. We did not stay for too long but I sure got the Tivoli experience. Hopefully from these pictures you can imagine the absolute beauty and charm of this historic amusment park. We will probably return once more during the day and get an all-ride pass. I cannot wait!

 Time to return to writing 5 papers due within the next two weeks. I am not jealous of Bowdoin people celebrating Ivies. Not at all…

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