First Class Experience

From first class seating to first class adventure!
The tracks from Salzburg to Prague were temporarily closed, meaning the first-class tickets Mom booked for the 6 hour ride meant nothing. Instead we had to take a train to Linz, bus to Budjevice, and train again to Prague. First, we boarded a decrepit, un-air conditioned compartment and put down our bags. Mom left to confirm the bus ride at the ticket counter.
However, as soon as she left the train, the train took off, barreling down the tracks to an unknown destination. I stood up in alarm and exclaimed, “Where am I going?!”, stuck my head out the window as Mom quickly grew smaller and smaller. My mind raced with possibilities of never finding my mom, never returning home. The conductor came out, spoke in quick German, but then nodded once I gestured if we were going back. The train stopped, chugged slowly in the other direction, and I hung my head out the window, smiling at Mom’s approaching, worried figure.
The train stopped, we saw each other and laughed, tears threatening our vision. “Did you freak out?” Mom asked. “Yes!” I replied as we laughed once more.
First class adventure is right!
Back in Prague, everything was bright, blooming, and steaming in delicious springtime.

“The final day of my trip. My heels are aching with intensity, with anger that the break is over, that they won’t be in such constant use anymore. Somehow the Prague airport hotel is an anticlimactic ending to an amazing few weeks of travel. It has all been too perfect. As soon as Alexi arrived in Copenhagen and walked out the terminal doors, everything fell into place at full speed ahead.

Mom has been the best travel partner. We are content slowly admiring each encountered church, through inspecting each museum, discussing history, school, and life, and jumping from cafe to cafe fora cup of strong coffee or hot wine. We had the best time.”

Now it is back to the daily grind. Only four more weeks till home. More posts to come I promise.

2 thoughts on “First Class Experience

  1. What a fabulous adventure! I’m really enjoying all your photos and entries. You have a way with words! Love the photo of your Mom eating sausage :)Safe journey home,Mrs. Wood

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