Easter Feast(er)

Finally, my first Easter at home since highschool! Unfortunately, Bowdoin’s spring break never coincided with the holiday for some reason and it was always impractical to fly home for 3 days. I remember being stuck in H and L on a Sunday, bogged down with work put off since before break, being sent pictures from my family of their fun in the sun. It always made me a little sad missing out since my entire family doesn’t get together all that often. There are just too many of us!

But this year I was lucky to be home to participate in the festivities, although most of my family was unable to come. Figures. But Morgan, my parents, and I enjoyed the day anyways by going to mass to get our religion on, spending some time at my grandparent’s beach house, and drinking away at our house with the Jantscheks (we missed you Taylor and Ashley!!).

The most memorable events of the day were probably as follows:

1. The massacre of the giant chocolate bunny. He didn’t stand a chance.

2. Grandpa Tibby checking my fingers constantly for rings. Apparently it is my responsibility as the eldest grandchild to get married ASAP. He just turned 80 and wants to be able to dance at a wedding. He does have the best moves.

3. Key lime pie. Totally delish and totally easy to make!

4. Running into Linda and George on a lovely walk on the beach. Too bad our feet were later scorched by the hot sand.

5. Spending time with my family. Family is so important and the best source of unconditional love.

6. Surprise basket of candy galore from the Easter bunny himself. Who knew he resides in sunny Arizona?? I don’t blame him really.

Overall, it was a great day. The weather was perfect, sunny, and warm and the food was delicious and full of love. Can every day be a holiday?

I hope everybody’s Easter was festive and special in its own way. Sending my love to all my friends from afar. I love you and miss you.

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