The best reunion ever

I want you to think of your best childhood friend. You know, the friend you played pirates with on imaginary ships and battled like warlocks to claim the forest (aka your backyard). You may have fallen out of touch but you will always be best friends. You are tied together with the magic of nostalgia and “remember when we…” kind of memories.

Well Alex is that friend for me. Our moms worked together and were pregnant with us together. I was even named Kirsten once Alex was born a boy and not a girl (thank you Karen for my name!). After Alex moved to Chicago when he was 2, our families continued to vacation together every year in North Carolina at our cabin in the woods. It was a magical place where Alex, his sister Dana, my sisters and I would play outside for hours, letting our imaginations run wild. We would barter for rocks and stones with pine needles at our “store”, battle evil forces with the elements on Grandfather rock, and float inner tubes down the stream at Flat Rock. Alex was always the playmaker, leading our dolphin brigade with the impressionable Dex Splash and directing us to our fort in the woods, where each of us claimed a spot in the trees. We were one with nature, which we sometimes escaped when acting out our favorite movies like Cats, Merlin, and Grease inside on the musty carpet.

Last time I saw Alex was when I was 13 years old and he visited our house for Easter. After 10 years of little to no contact, I was informed that Alex was in Florida this weekend for a visit! Excited out of my mind, I jumped in my car after work Tuesday and drove on over before he left for New Orleans the next day.

And here we are!!! Man, we are good looking 🙂
It was like nothing had changed. We are both older, wiser, and taller (I’m still taller though hehe) but still the same. We shared memories of our times in the woods and sang loudly to Lady Gaga with killer voices to boot. Maybe we should start an a cappella group. Although we do not know when we will see each other next, we are certain that once we have kids we will get a cabin in the woods and let them roam free.

Here’s to old friends and new memories. Love you!

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