Lightning strikes again


Big win by the Lightning! We swept the Capitals in 4 straight games and are on to Round 3 of the playoffs! Bring it on Bruins!

I was lucky enough to attend Game 3 at the St. Pete Time Forum. The place was packed and buzzing with excitement. It is great to see Tampa Bay transform into Hockey Bay once again. Really, is there a better sport than hockey? Ok maybe I’m biased by my Canadian roots but hockey is seriously fun.
Players swarming the ice to celebrate the win!

Our first game against Boston will be either tomorrow or Friday depending on the Western Conference results. While I am stoked for the games, I am dreading the Boston fans who will come out in full force. Does anybody else share my opinion that Boston fans are the most obnoxious fans of all? I’ll be ready for a fight in the stands.

To my Lightning players:

Good luck boys, do us proud.

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