Happy May Day!

I cannot tell you how excited I am for May to have finally arrived. This month is going to be crazy! I am turning 23 years old (ancient huh?) and expecting a very special visitor to come and celebrate! Lakshmi is flying down from New York to recharge and spend the weekend in Florida. Last time we saw each other was a whole year ago at graduation! It is so strange that an entire year has passed since I graduated from college. So much has changed. Next on the May list, Taylor comes home from China!! She has been gone since September. Hopefully I can recognize her… She got an awesome summer internship in St. Pete and it will be great to have her home for the summer. Finally, another special visitor comes into town tonight. Let’s just say it will be wonderful to see this person!

Today was a surprisingly exhausting Sunday. I have been staying at my neighbor’s house since Thursday watching their dog Mr. Scruffles. Here is the pooch himself.

He is such a little sweetie. Every morning I took him on a long walk, a great way to start the day! The temperature is perfect early morning, not too hot and humid but you definitely are sweating after 10 minutes. Scruffles needs those walks, he is a little too tubby for his own good haha.

This morning was interesting because of St. Anthony’s Triathlon. The running leg of the race happened to go down our street and turn around right in front of our house. Of course the road was blocked off so no cars could go in and out. My mom ended up walking to where I was staying to take my car to the Green Thumb Festival while I walked home. It felt funny walking along the runners with my phone out taking pictures and holding my purse. At 10am it was already hot hot hot and I was glad to walk into the air conditioning and leave the runners to their race. After running the Grand Prix 5K last month I am toying with signing up for another race.. A 7K sounds much more reasonable than a triathlon. These athletes are incredible!

After a lovely nap and delicious lunch, Morgan and I went to the gym to whip our butts into shape. I went a little crazy and ran/walked the treadmill for 50 minutes then showed Morgan some lifting exercises. Maybe personal training is a job in my near future?? I came home exhausted and famished. But everybody knows I am ALWAYS hungry. It’s a gift. Now it’s time to settle down and watch the Lightning game before driving to the airport. The Bolts and Caps are tied 1-1 at the end of the second… GO LIGHTNING!! It will be fun to go to the games Tuesday and Wednesday and become mute and deaf (thanks to screaming and crowd roaring).

Have a relaxing Sunday evening everybody and Happy May Day!

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