Hot ‘n Cold Weekend

What a weekend! First off, Taylor and I met up with some friends Friday night and explored the St. Petersburg nightlife. It sure is hopping! Everybody had a great time seeing old friends and making new friends. It’s always awesome to meet new people. I’ll drink to that!

Saturday I woke to sort of a rough start but didn’t complain too much as we hopped in the car to get to the 1:30pm hockey game. Game 4: Lightning vs. Bruins!! We needed a win badly or else the Bruins could push us out of the series in Game 5.

Check out the awesome decorations outside the St. Pete Times Forum.

Unfortunately it was about 95 degrees outside. Florida… what the??? It is not summer yet! Taylor and I managed to brave the heat in our cool Lightning gear.

While we are usually lucky to sit down in the bottom row, we happened to snag nosebleed seats at the last minute. And what would ya know… the seats were amazing!! Pushing past my initial nausea, I soon reveled in the amazing view with my sisters at my side. You could see everything! Every play, every pass, every goal. Awesome.

In the first period, the Bruins looked SO GOOD and were whooping us 3-0. It looked like a lost cause. But low and behold, we tied up the game in the 2nd period in a 4 minute span! The crowd went WILD. Everybody was cheering, screaming, and dancing in ecstasy. Our Bolts had done it again and surpassed our expectations. In the 3rd period, we pulled ahead with a slick goal by Bergenheim and open-netter by Marty St. Louis. What a game. What a win! I am fortunate enough to go to Game 6 this Wednesday. Let’s go Bolts!

The Lightning salute their fans after the win.

After some tasty Italian take-out and bad TV movies with the sisters, I had a great night’s sleep and woke up refreshed on Sunday morning. At about 2pm I met Linda at the gym for a quick workout then headed to Taste of Pinellas at Vinoy Park. Boy oh boy, it was HOT and HUMID. I immediately started sweating and dreaming chilly dreams. We bought some food at the stands of local restaurants and sat on the seawall, listening to Colbie Caillet live while trying in vain to catch some seabreeze. At about 5pm my Dad arrived on the boat with Taylor and Marni and I hopped on after saying goodbye to Linda.

Woah, it was so much cooler on the boat. And much more beautiful. The land dwellers were jealous. We drank some ice-cold drinks, listened to Third Eye Blind live, and caught up with Marni (so so so wonderful to see you!). Overall, a pleasant day. This is why I love Florida right now: festivals, fun, and friends. Cheesy.

Hopefully this week flies by so I can enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend coming up. Also, I booked my trip to China!!! Shanghai… here I come!

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