Pearl of Happiness

My mother and her Iphone…

Yesterday morning my Mom decided to take new pictures of me of Taylor for her phone contacts. In my frustration and sleepiness at 7am I laid down on the floor in resignation. Of course my Mom finally gets the picture she wants. Maybe she has figured out the secret to great commercial photography! Get your subject sufficiently annoyed so they finally relax and…. SNAP… a beautiful image.

I received this beautiful strand of pearls for my birthday. It was a wonderful gesture from my new friend and it represents how much we care about each other! She is great person and I am happy she is in my life right now. Thank you Linda!

On a sad note, the Lightning lost to the Bruins last night in Game 5. No!!!!!! I have to say, Thomas is an incredible goaltender. More like an absurdly phenomenal goaltender. Jeez. Hopefully the Bolts can regroup and come back for win tomorrow night. And again I get to go to the game!! Please, please win. Make those obnoxious Boston fans shush up.

Remember to watch the game!

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