Hurricane Season Begins

But you wouldn’t know it from the gorgeous weather we’ve been having.
After most workdays my Dad and I take our bikes downtown to the Pier before heading to the gym to lift some weights. Yes we are hardcore. Now that it’s summer, it is still light out till about 8:30pm and we can enjoy evenings that lack the midday (and afternoon) heat. I am anxious to see how much hotter it can get. When I’m riding my bike hard, even at 7pm, sweat is literally pouring down my back.

Good thing I smell like roses.

It will also be interesting to see what St. Pete does with the Pier. The Pier is extremely outdated (note the 70’s architecture and primary colors) and a tourist flop. They could do some incredible things to make it an attraction and wonderful addition to downtown.

Well it is time to pack my emergency kit and note my evacuation routes. Wish me luck!

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