A Weekend to Remember (or not)

Happy Memorial Day!!
Well, I am a day late but am in denial that the long weekend is over. I will take any excuse to extend the holiday so here is a blog post doing just that. I can’t even remember everything that was done this weekend. But I do know that I was exhausted and happy from spending time with family in the Florida heat.

Sunday we held a “Welcome Home Taylor” party at our house and went with a very American theme. After being in the Red State for 9 months we definitely needed to reintroduce her to the white and blue. It was wonderful seeing so many old friends and neighbors in one place. My favorite part of the afternoon was a friendly game of badminton and an exciting boat ride.
While on the boat, I saw my first ever jumping dolphin!!! Dolphins are not an unusual sight since they are always swimming behind our house. But I had never seen one jump out of the water before! Like Sea World but without the animal cruelty. It was incredible. Dolphins are such beautiful and powerful animals. If you have never seen one in the wild, you are missing out.
While I did not capture any of the party action of the weekend I did manage to take pictures of the festive desserts. Although I shy away from pictures of people, I am NEVER too shy to whip out my camera for food! Sometimes food is so beautifully arranged it just begs to be photographed (and eaten!).

Yum Yum.

Here are a couple more Instagram pictures taken on my Iphone. Totally digging the filters and borders. Maybe soon I will get serious about photography and whip out my actual camera! I do miss my clunker Nikon. And REALLY miss my Canon Rebel film cam. Who wants to build me darkroom for my birthday as a late present??

If anything, I am ready to take some serious pictures when I visit Shanghai in July! The neon lights… the steaming dumplings… the crowded streets… it will be something to remember. And photograph. So get ready. Because I am!

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