So be my life

This weekend I finally went inside the new Dali Museum! As in, I actually paid admission and saw the exhibitions. Incredible! I have new respect for Dali’s art. At first I though his work was just weird, but he is very talented and yes, very kooky. My kind of guy.

The museum does a great job of showing his development as an artist through his mastery of various painting styles. I particularly enjoyed his paintings with hidden messages and images within. They are optical illusions that always completely thrill me to figure out. Although sometimes I can never see the other image, which is frustrating. But of course I pretend to see it when looking with a friend or fellow viewer…”Oh yes, mhmm, there it is, WOW so very INTERESTING.” A little white lie never hurt anybody, sometimes it happens to make you feel better about your lack of double vision. Sigh.

Most of my pictures are from outside the Dali because no pictures are allowed inside the galleries. Lame. Good thing the outside of the museum is awesome.
Yeah guys, stop being adorable.

Morgan is so thrilled to be here.

This lady is one of the docents. Check out her hat. Yes, that is a felt shoe. On her head. Can you say whimsical?

If you happen to visit St. Petersburg, this museum is an absolute must. It is gorgeous inside and out. I would go much more often but it is pretty pricey. I hope to start volunteering at the Dali on the weekends to try and jumpstart my museum career. If not the Dali, there is always the MFA and the Chihuly collection in St. Pete and the History Center and Tampa Museum of Art in Tampa. Tampa Bay sure is hoppin’.

Speaking of the Chihuly exhibit, Taylor and I are attending a cocktail party there this evening hosted by the St. Pete Chamber Young Professionals. Apparently I am a young professional and go to cocktail parties with other young professionals.

So be my life.

One thought on “So be my life

  1. yo kirsten – just got your comment on MY blog and wanted to tell you I've been following yours as well. Exciting that you're coming to China! I don't know how to reach you, my email is and phone is 15202592970 when you get here. Come out west – Simon is next weekend!

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