From A to Z-Grille

Again, I have fallen behind on my blogging and frankly, I have no excuse. I had plenty of free time last week, some new pictures taken on my I-phone, and some fun events to discuss. However, words escaped me. Plus, I have been so busy during the day that I treasure any and all of my free-time to space out. Unfortunately my pictures have thus far been uninspiring as well. My Iphone is very handy and versatile and I enjoy its availability. Often I see something, frame it perfectly in my mind the curse myself for not having a camera on me RIGHT THAT SECOND. However, the quality of my phone is not exactly spectacular. I miss high quality photographs. Wahhh.

Well, this is all going to change in about 2 weeks when I embark for China with my (un)trustworthy Nikon D70 to indulge in the neon vibrancy of Shanghai city life. Last time I was out of the United States was when I was studying abroad in Copenhagen. That was over 2 years ago. WOWZA time sure does fly. I am excited to travel, get severely jetlagged, and be thrust in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. A new culture to absorb, learn, and discover… through the lens of my camera of course.

Look at me all cozy in Copenhagen

I miss traveling. I miss learning about other cultures in anthropology classes. I miss learning, period. My dream job if you want to know would be a travel writer and photographer. Probably with a focus on food because I love to eat. So for my upcoming China travels be prepared for a food centric perspective and photos dripping with color. YUM.

Anyways. Last week. Right.

Thursday we held a political gathering at our house which was surprisingly fun and entertaining. Afterwards my family met up at Z-Grille for Erika’s 21st birthday. Cheers to your first drink Erika!

Chich might as well be our other sister

This beer was quite delicious

Mom and Taylor looking especially happy (must be the wine)

I love Z-Grille. The food is fantastic (fish tacos anyone?) and the place is very chic and modern. Did I mention the food is fantastic? The beer isn’t too shabby either. Erika and her friends left early to catch a limo for drinks over in Tampa. The rest of us stayed at Z-Grille where my dad and two friends caught up with us for last call. St. Pete never ceases to surprise me with the people I end up spending time. It is always new friends with a mix of the old. Exciting really.

Let’s move on to Sunday. I enjoyed a brisk walk/run in the rain that afternoon and was immediately refreshed and invigorated. As much as I love going to the gym for some lifting and yoga, pounding the pavement outside really feels great.

Run Kirsten Run
We also happen to have the most beautiful sunsets EVER, especially after a summer storm. It is a wonderful way to end the weekend. Much more happened this weekend… birthday parties, BBQ’s, and movie nights but I will not bore anybody with the details. However, you are allowed to be jealous of this sunset right here.

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