Food and Fireworks on the Fourth

Happy Fourth of July! 

What made my holiday great? Not too much actually. I have been dogsitting/housesitting for my neighbors since Friday and my weekend has basically gone to the dogs. Watching two dogs all days makes me not want kids or dogs for a looooonggg time. They whine, they always want to play, and they poop… everywhere. The beagle Molly is completely abnormal. She poops at least 8 times a day. YES, I SAID 8 TIMES A DAY. If I am not lucky enough to be taking her outside or on one of her 2 daily walks she does it inside the house. So I am not only a dog sitter and house sitter but a cleaning lady as well.

Good thing Mr. Scruffles and Molly are adorable and sweet and I kind of love them despite their… “shitty” habits. If I do ever get my own dog I will look forward to daily walks with the pooch. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Probably the best part of the holiday was making and eating these bad boys. All you need is pre-made shortcakes (Publix brand was a little too sweet…), whipped cream, and berries. And voila! you have an easy but delicious holiday dessert.

Can you say delicious? I think food photography is my true calling. Food testing would also be a good career.

Since the sun doesn’t decide to set until 8:30pm during the summer in Florida, we had to wait until 9pm to see fireworks. It was a beautiful night. Dusk is my favorite time of day, the colors are always so beautiful. Oh and it’s usually down to about 80 degrees. Whew.

We can see the fireworks from downtown St. Pete on our dock so we didn’t have to go far. I would have enjoyed the show more if i wasn’t being eaten alive by mosquitoes at the same time. Our neighbors around the water also like to set off their own fireworks. These are always much more amusing to watch to see whether or not they actually go off. They also tend to make the loudest and most obnoxious screaming and booming sounds. Lovely.

Well, another week begins but it is already Tuesday! This means that in only 8 days I will be on a plane headed to China! Who wants some fake Louis Vuitton? Just let me know.

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