I’m on a (blog)roll

So apparently a good amount of people actually read this blog. They must read about my super duper awesome, exciting, thrilling life and think to themselves, “I wish I did cool things like Kirsten”.

Live on a beach where people fly for fun

Get back massages daily from family members
(oh the perks of living at home)

Get silly with some old friends
(too bad I’m not a dude, we could be great together)

Watch my team kill it in the playoffs

Etcetera. Ok this is probably a false assumption. But it brings me some pleasure to think that people read this blog because either they:

A. are interested in my antics
B. are bored out of their minds
C. enjoy looking at pictures
D. get satisfaction out of comparing their lives to mine
E. find my writing quaint but just a bit funny and punny
F. care

I sincerely hope it is all of the above. Blog reading is about curiosity, pleasure, comparison, and indulgence. Since I deactivated my Facebook account, blog reading has become a favorite pastime and passive interest. I encourage anyone and everyone to get rid of their Facebook. You become less paranoid and surprisingly MORE SOCIAL. Seriously. Take my word for it.

If you are still reading (yes I’m talking to you), here is a list of my favorite blogs and personal websites by friends and strangers alike. There are so many people out there that have interesting, beautiful, and creative things to say. I am especially proud of my creative friends, their hard-work and passion are truly inspiring.

People I know:
  1. portfolio.alexkcolby.com/– Check out the incredible video portfolio by the talented Alex Colby and co.
  2. jcrimm.wordpress.com/ – Jonas writes about his crazy adventures in China with detail and thoughtful contemplation
  3. www.itsnotthatweird.com/ – Julia Bond talks sex in her typical hilarious and honest style
  4. cmbeach.wordpress.com/ – Catch up on Caitlin’s year in France featuring berets, awkward chip flavors, and endless baked goods
  5. dailypost.bowdoin.edu/ – Mike Kolster, my photography professor, has posted one image every day since 2002

People I wish I knew:
  1. www.pdnphotooftheday.com/ – Photo District News editors feature amazing photographs
  2. www.eatingasia.typepad.com/ – This husband and wife team travel throughout Asia writing about local eats accompanied by gorgeous photographs
  3. www.katheats.com/ – One of my favorite fit bloggers, Kath’s tribute to oatmeal is drool-worthy
  4. www.pbfingers.com/ – My other favorite fit blogger makes her life seem way too fun and tasty
  5. ohsheglows.com/ – Angela’s recipes are delicious and make me consider going vegan, for about a second

Enjoy and blog on!

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