Such a tease

Hello and welcome to the new blog! On my to do list: reroute my blogger sites to wordpress so google doesn’t freak out. I’ll get around to that later… because I’m so crazy busy with traveling! I only got back from China this Monday afternoon and I leave tomorrow at noon for Tana’s wedding in Maine. My roomie is getting married! Omigosh how surreal but so so so happy for Tana and Mike. They are a beautiful couple and the wedding will be incredible, just like them :-).

Anyways, I have an 8am meeting in the morning and then it is off to the airport AGAIN. I feel fine and not jet lagged at all which is weird. The only problems that remain from my China trip are some not-fun stomach issues and 500 unedited pictures. Thankfully my co-worker Kenny had an extra USB cord for my camera so I uploaded my pictures! HURRAH!

I am a little annoyed because I took way less pictures than expected at the onset of this trip. I had been feeling so uninspired by the Florida landscape that I figured traveling would provide ample material to explore visually. However, I found that I was too distracted by actually EXPERIENCING the trip, that taking pictures kind of fell to the wayside. A serious bummer. I need me some good pictas! Well, I will work with what I have and share any good photos … later. This weekend I will be too busy celebrating and taking pictures of the wedding and my amazing friends. So China will have to wait.

But in the meantime….

Here are some dumplings. Enjoy some Chinese food while I eat lobster and dance RacerX style in the great state of Maine.


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