24 hours

I’m back………… 24 hours late!

So this weekend was incredible, Tana and Mike’s wedding was so beautiful and special and I had a great time (pictures and updates to come!). By the time Sunday rolled around I was exhausted from poor sleeping and walking in heels (accidentally typed “hells” which is very accurate). Early morning we all enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Whitehall, chatted with old and new friends, and began our goodbyes to the radiant bride and groom. They are honeymooning in Austria! Jealous! We then hung out a bit at the Scott house and helped tie up loose odds and ends (I gave back massages to the weary bridesmaids). I then enjoyed my last day in Maine visiting Brunswick and hanging out with Carina in Portland. We saw the Bowdoin Art Museum’s Edward Hopper exhibit and visited Tasha while she worked. After grabbing some late lunch at Big Top we headed back to Portland to relax before my flight.

Well I arrived at the Portland jetport for my 7:30pm flight which was delayed, meaning I would miss my connection to Tampa! Annoying. I booked a 8am flight and went home with Carina for the night. We ended up grabbing Indian food with some of Carina’s older Bowdoin friends who are hilarious. After a nightcap and chocolate I went to bed for my early flight.

So I arrived at the Portland jetport for my 8am flight which was ALSO delayed. Ok, getting more annoying. I rebooked my connecting flight for later and flew to Charlotte.

I arrived at the Charlotte airport and found out my flight to Tampa was CANCELLED due to mechanical failure. Ok, now this just SUCKS. Everybody was delayed, trying to get home, and every next flight with all other airlines were booked solid. I reluctantly snagged a seat on an 8pm flight to Tampa.

Yesterday I ended up spending 7 hours roaming the airport, eating candy, and reading trashy magazines. Not bad for a workday eh? This whole experience reminded me of my long trip from China so thankfully I was used to sitting on my butt for hours on end while exhausted. But I got home at 10:30pm, tired but happy, and have many pictures to share!

Currently I am editing my China pictures and just uploaded all my wedding pictures to anew Flickr account. Visit it at http://www.flickr.com/photos/65902128@N03/. Now if I could just figure out how to make my pictures public….

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