Tana and Mike’s Wedding: Pt. 3

The wedding ceremony took place in Camden’s outdoor amphitheater which had a wonderful view of the harbor. The weather was perfect, although it did get a little steamy sitting directly in the sun which for Maine was a lovely surprise!

The guests all sat before the groom took his place at the end of the aisle to wait for his bride. He was very calm and collected but you could tell that he was nervous. It was very sweet.

As Tana walked down the stone steps of the amphitheater, she radiated happiness in the bright sunshine that illuminated her veil. She looked like an angel. I have never seen my friend so full of joy and excitement.

Mike arranged “God gave me you” which the Meddies performed during the ceremony. It was such a special moment and a perfect a cappella blessing for the couple. It was definitely my favorite part of the entire ceremony.

They wrote their own vows and pretty much everybody was in tears. 

Husband and wife! We showered them with bubbles down the aisle and Mike somehow found an awesome top hat. So much joy!

It was great to reunite with old friends who live so far away. Here we have a Californian, Floridian, and  a couple Alaskans! We are a diverse bunch and I love it.

After the ceremony the Meddies began to spontaneously sing again and it was a glorious moment. Mike even sang a song to Tana and it was perfect.
The crowd then dispersed back to Whitehall Inn for some cocktails and appetizers while the bridal party took a a cruise on a sailboat. We then sat down to a lovely dinner and listened to heart-felt speeches by members of the bridal party. Afterwards everybody danced the night away. Unfortunately I did not take pictures, I was too busy dancing! Once the Inn kicked us out, the younger guests walked across the street to an after party hosted by Mike’s mom. There was more Meddie singing which was epic.
We went to bed in our adorable room at Whitehall and woke up exhausted but happy from the festivities the night before. Caitlin, Dave, Emily and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the Inn including the most incredible pancakes of my life. Tana and Mike then made an appearance to say goodbye before departing for their honeymoon in Austria.
I remember being driven in Mike’s red mustang for my birthday sophomore year when my amazing roommates took me to a high school production of High School Musical. Hahaha! Well the mustang was put to good use once again to whisk the new couple away.
Congratulations Tana and Mike! I love you both and wish you all the happiness in the world.

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