Tana and Mike’s Wedding: Pt. 2

After making the beautiful bouquets we whisked the bride-to-be away for her hair and make-up. Carina is a make-up expert so we put her artist skills to work. Although, honestly she didn’t have to do much!

Then it was off to the hair salon! This took longer than expected so we fell a little behind schedule which was stressful. However, her hair looked beautiful in the end. Done and done!

Running late, we rushed home and Tana immediately stepped into her wedding dress while her mom carefully laced her up. It was such a beautiful moment between mother and daughter and you could tell that it meant a lot to both of them. 

Meanwhile the groom waited at the front of the house to give Tana’s mother a corsage before the first look. So handsome!

I have never seen a happier bride and groom to be. I was especially grateful to be with Tana during her hair appointment. It was so special to spend a calm moment alone with my roomie of 4 years, before she took a leap of faith and love in marriage. We have been through so much together, and apart, and it was incredible to support her on her special day. I trust Mike with all my heart to take care of her and to love her just like she loves and cares for him.

The professional photographer took over from here so I quickly got ready and headed over to the ceremony. The ceremony and reception… coming up next!

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