My background

Want a cool background? Here, have mine!

I took this picture with my Canon Rebel on color film which I then developed to create color slides. The slides were then scanned to create digital copies. The colors have not been manipulated at all. I wish I could take color film more often… however there is nowhere to develop good quality color film or I’m too lazy to find a good, cheap place to do so. Honestly, I think I have about 10 rolls of undeveloped film from the last 3 years that I have been unable to develop after I took film photography my sophmore year of college.

I  miss film. The contrast. The control. The time and care you put into each shot because every shot costs money. Film is expensive! Digital cameras are incredible and the quality just keeps improving. However there is something to be said about a simple photograph shot on film. It means so much more.

And check out these colors. Beautiful.

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