Simply Scallops

Two Saturdays ago, on August 13th, my dad, sisters, Stephen, Peter, and I drove our boat up to where Crystal River empties into the bay. Why do you ask?


Yes, we hauled our boat two hours north to snorkel and catch these little buggers:

The day was hot, the water was warm, and the company was good. We spent about 4 hours moving from place to place and snorkeling along the way, looking for a good spot to catch some scallops. They are generally easy to see in the sea grass and easy to catch if you find a spot not cleaned out by other divers. Total we caught about 100 scallops and brought them home to shuck and cook. Unfortunately bay scallops don’t have a lot of meat so we made a side of linguine with itty bitty scallops in addition to the main course. But heck, they were tasty. I am too lazy to narrate my pictures but hopefully you get the idea. Jeez, we are such Floridians.

Peter got the first scallop of the day! So proud of himself.

Yours truly en route to another diving location.

Thumbs up! I’m drowning!

There were not only scallops, but other marine life. Starfish!

Morgan, Taylor, and I with the starfish. Masks make you look so goofy.

Peter takes a break to drink a brewski on the raft.

Snack win of the day: Cherries!

Peter started to drift farther and farther away… at least he was hydrated.

Delicious and refreshing.

Our bounty! About 100 scallops total. Win.

Checking out our catch.

Don’t they look tasty?? Not really like this.

The crew (minus Dad taking the picture)

Just another day in Florida. We left with not only good food to fill our bellies but awesome sunburns over our entire body. I looked like a tomato at the end of the day. Nothing that gallons of aloe can take care of. Painful but so worth it! I forgot how fun snorkeling can actually be. Next up… lobster season? 

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